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We are 2 old birds laughing* in the face of 40 something and flicking our V’s to impending middle age. *And sometimes crying. A lot. For no reason

Blending not balancing

  “I’ll keep in touch whilst I’m off,” I said. “When they’re in school I’ll be back full time.” I said.  And now, as I sit at the kitchen table with the washing machine whirring in the background, I eat my words. 3pm will come quickly today and somehow, I still can’t see how to…

By bearded ladies 6th October 2019 0

Life in miniature

    Ever since I got a doll’s house aged 6 and set about collecting teeny tiny furniture and even teenier cutlery to place upon it for the imaginary tiny folk who would never inhabit it, I have been fascinated by life in miniature. Coming from a family of littlies, at only 5 ft 2,…

By bearded ladies 23rd June 2019 0

40-Something Fear

40-Something Fear

The last time I felt anxious was just this morning. The catalyst for this concern? A phone call. I had to make a call to a really nice guy (whom I know quite well) about some potential freelance work (at a place I have worked several times before). And yet, because I wasn’t sure how…

By bearded ladies 17th May 2019 0