Life in miniature

23rd June 2019 0 By bearded ladies



Ever since I got a doll’s house aged 6 and set about collecting teeny tiny furniture and even teenier cutlery to place upon it for the imaginary tiny folk who would never inhabit it, I have been fascinated by life in miniature. Coming from a family of littlies, at only 5 ft 2, it’s hardly surprising that I like things that come in small packages.

Like an old bloke’s odd fascination with model railways, and as my adulthood yawns into middle age, I become even more taken by tiny things, and an appreciation of life’s finer details. This could also probably explain my recent Springwatch obsession; not because I have a guilty crush on the roving Welsh puffa jacket wearing wildlife expert, and definitely not because it presents regular opportunities to say ‘tit cam’, but because it deals in all the glorious details of the world around us. It’s not often nature’s minor celebrities get the spotlight but in Springwatch world, the woodlouse is as celebrated as the whale, the hedgehog as lauded as the hippopotamus and for that I love it.

My love of the pint sized was reaffirmed again recently when staying in our very own shepherd’s hut in Cornwall for a half term mini-break.  Having forever harboured a yearning since childhood, for a Danny Champion of the World experience of my own, this came as close to the dream as I will ever get, and to top it all, as well as the shepherd’s hut itself, our field was also inhabited by yes, a teeny tiny Shetland pony…called Dinky.

Based on my recent mini break, a shepherd’s life would have most definitely been for me, with no more than 20 ft by 8 ft of space to worry about, everything really does have to be in its place. And this I admit, I found strangely liberating. There is no room for clutter, unnecessary ornament and most definitely no need for excess. Shepherds,  I realized, if they ever did really live in these pint sized huts, had no need of a collection of chopping boards of various sizes and materials; enough mugs to make tea for an army, nor a shoe for every occasion.

And when life is simplified, I realised too that you get to focus on the important stuff: the joy of a good book, birdsong and…Springwatch.

You can find your own tiny slice of heaven here if you are interested (and yes, Dinky is real):