In their Prime Time

In their Prime Time

31st January 2019 0 By bearded ladies

Poster Girls #4, 5 & 6                                       

Our airwaves became herwaves last month at drive-time and breakfast times on Radio 2 and 6 Radio, and perhaps like us, you probably hadn’t realised how badly you had needed to hear a female voice to nurse us through the grey dawns and dusks of January…until we tuned in two weeks ago and Lo! The ladies had arriveth.

Why we love them

Even more delightful than their natural wits, eclectic musical tastes, and easy charm, what us bearded ladies also love about them (and we mean this as a compliment ladies) is that Sara Cox, Lauren Laverne and Zoe Ball are no spring chickens. At 44, 40 and 48 respectively, their times have come at precisely the moment when us women of an uncertain age usually start disappearing from prime time tellies and radios.

Why does this matter?

  1. First and foremost because these lot deserve the mic: they sound like women just like us but with better record collections and repartee. Tuning in feels like a night/morning in with an old friend – with a bonus banging soundtrack
  2. We shouldn’t underestimate the impact of their presence on our kid daughters. Remember, ‘If she can’t see it, she can’t be it’ which probably explains why as our lady teenage ear drums were given a daily bashing by Simon Bates, Gary Davies and Dave Lee ‘Quack Quack Oops’ Travis, being a ‘DJ’ never seemed like a valid, or frankly credible career option for us and our female ilk. Mercifully, that will not be the case for the generation of young lasses tuning in now.

We will not be adjusting our dials anytime soon girls. Thank you for being there.