Poster Girls #3 :  Laura Kuenssberg and Katya Adler

Poster Girls #3 : Laura Kuenssberg and Katya Adler

22nd January 2019 0 By bearded ladies

We find ourselves in very dark and confusing political times, so Thank the Lord! we have 2 formidable females to help us navigate the maelstrom- Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the BBC’s first Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg and  European Editor, the multitasking, multilingual Katya Adler.

Not one but two amazing Poster Girls who have managed to keep their heads when all around are losing theirs.

They have relentlessly delivered first class reporting from the eye of the political storm; emerging as the sane and sensible voices above all the Brexit hyperbole.

If that’s not enough, we reckon they could beat Robert Peston in an arm wrestle. Probably while drinking neat gin. Lots of it.

Atta girls, you are goddesses in journalist form. We salute you.